BFO-Toronto does not provide professional counselling or therapy. What we offer is called Mutual Support or Peer Support – the chance to be with others who are similarly bereaved.

If you are seeking professional, one-on-one counselling or therapy, we suggest that you:

a) Speak with your family physician for a referral to an OHIP-covered psychiatrist/psychologist

b) Research whether or not your employer has a benefits plan that may provide insurance coverage for a private therapist/counsellor OR any employee assistance program

c) Read the article “How to Choose a Counsellor”

d) Explore community-based mental health services in your area (consult the “Blue Book”, call 211, or search online)

e) You can also try contacting the Psychotherapy & Counselling Centre at 416-516-6969 (covered by OHIP) or the Clinic for Person-Centered Psychotherapy 416-229-2399 (covered by OHIP)

A few professional referral options:

1. Lucia Gallegos, MA, RP (Qualifying)
Fluent English and Spanish Registered Psychotherapist with experience in grief, losses, life transitions and human relations.
2111 Dundas St. West. Toronto, On M6R 1X1

2. Vivian Zhang
A registered social worker who has worked with many individuals and families around grief and loss.
3250 Bloor St W Suite 600 Toronto, ON M6X 2X9
The office is located right above the Islington Subway Station.

3. Sylvia Korimsek
A certified counsellor with AMI, as well as a member of OACCPP who uses LSR techniques to help clients gain relief from issues such as depression, anxiety, grief and loss.