Coping with the holidays after your child has died. Adapted from Acorns to Oak Trees

  • Lower your expectations of yourself.
  • Forget about what other people think you should do and feel – give yourself permission to feel and do whatever you think is right.
  • It’s OK to stay away from children for a while.
  • Pick and choose the family events you will attend.
  • Find comfort or inspiration in a holiday event or a new tradition.
  • Offer kindness and support to others who are having a hard time.
  • Do something special for yourself.
  • Look to your spiritual beliefs for strength and support.
  • Plan ways to help you handle uncomfortable situations.
  • Plan a special event for just your baby’s parents.
  • Share with your family and friends what helps and what hurts.
  • If you have other children, try to make the holidays fun for them.
  • Holidays can be emotionally and physically draining. Try to get enough rest.
  • Anticipation of any holiday can be worse than the actual holiday.
  • Remember- holidays are only temporary.

From Acorns to Oak Trees

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